Christian Heimroth at Outdoor Lapland in Swedish Lapland
Christian owner and guide Photo: Mirja Andersson

Sale of Equipment

We are constantly updating our rental equipment, so we sell of used outdoor equipment. Here you can find everything from tents, clothes, skis, sleds, backpacks and more...

We also have new products from Klattermusen, Lundhags, Woolpower, Primus, Hilleberg, Chariot among others.

Welcome to Skabram and our rental and outdoor store with entrance on the front. Please call before you want to visit us, we may be out on tour!

Phone: Christian 070 2600537 eller Ola 070 2001273

Klättermusen Gere pants

Winter is approaching!

Time to think about winter! As usual, we have a variety of tours / events that are bookable, ranging from short 3-hour experiences to the week-long ski tours in our wonderful mountains and World Heritage Laponia. We also offer support to visitors, rental and sale of equipment.

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Best regards Christian with employees

Northern Lights. Photo Jonas Gustavsson

Rental outdoor equipment

During the winter we rent everything from touring skis, snowshoes, sleds to tents, sleeping bags and outdoor stoves. You can choose to pick up the equipment here in our store in Jokkmokk or have it delivered where you intend to start the tour.

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Safety equipment for winter. Photo CJ Utsi Media

Maps that lasts

Now you can by Calazos products from us. We will have maps for the mountains in the store. Check out Calazos webpage to see their other products

Jokkmokk Winter Market

Jokkmokk winter market is an annual event in the north, the market that is approaching is the 410th market since start, so it has been here for a while! Here you will find activities that we organize during the Jokkmokk winter market by 2015.

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Jokkmokks vintermarknad. Foto Niac

Outdoor Support

Outdoor support are a service that we offer for you that would like to visit our areas by your self, maybe you would like to do a week tour in our fantastic mountain areas. We can help you with all the practical details susch as planning a rout, find the right maps, equipment, arrange the transport to your start point and pick you up at you finish point.

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Outdoor support in Jokkmokk Swedish Lapland
Support a group going out in the mountains. Photo Ola Baer

About us

Outdoor Lapland is a guide and activity company based on the Arctic Circle in Jokkmokk. Read more about outdoor lapland>>  

Ecotourism Association

We are proud to be members of the Swedish Ecotourism Association. This organisation is growing in importance in the tourist trade. The association works for travel that is more sustainable and more fun!

Laponia - World heritage

We in the north are proud of Laponia World Heritage Area, which lies mostly in the municipalities of Jokkmokk and Gällivare. The area covers a total area of 9,400 square kilometres. Laponia may seem untouched and many people would call it "wilderness", but it is far from it. It has been inhabited by both Sámi people and settlers for centuries, although they have left very few traces. It is, then, a cultivated landscape.

Swedish Lapland

..this is our county organisation, which works with tourism issues both big and small. Under “Swedish Lapland” there are several destinations like our own – Jokkmokk – and at the top of the page you can see who we operators are who ensure that the guests who come to us enjoy a first-class holiday.

Commune with wildlife


Jokkmokk is the municipality with the vast open spaces located on the Arctic Circle, a summary description of Jokkmokk is wild, beautiful, adventurous, with deep forests, great rivers and high mountains. Jokkmokk is the second largest commune in Sweden after Kiruna. The population in Jokkmokk is composed of Swedes and Sami is divided approximately equally, each year the first weekend in February organized a big party called the winter market in Jokkmokk. Welcome to Jokkmokk!